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Custom Stainless Steel, Manufacture, Installation and Delivery

spit roast custom designStainless steel fabrication can be defined as the process of forming various metals into custom stainless steel design structures for commercial kitchen equipment.  It utilises a series of highly specialised steps throughout the journey from design to installation, and good stainless steel fabricators will guide you though all of the steps from start to finish.  At Benchmark, the creation process of your custom stainless steel installation goes a lot like this:

The Custom Stainless Design Process

  • Concept design, floor plans, service layout and shop drawings
  • Final site measure
  • All drawings for approval
  • Fabricaation of benchwork
  • Installlation and delivery 


As the process of fabrication applies to stainless steel, this customisation allows for true creativity and functionality, especially within the hospitality industry. We specialise in commercial kitchens, restaurants, bar designs, cafes and hotels all stand to benefit greatly from the installation of custom fabricated furnishings and equipment.  Custom fabrication of stainless steel installations in these industries allows for maximum efficiency and utilisation of available space, while preserving – and even improving – the overall aesthetics and “flow” of the area.

Benchmark Stainless specializes in custom fabrication of stainless steel installations for the service industry

  • Commercial kitchen manufacturing
  • Restaurant and cafe manufacturing
  • Commercial kitchen design
  • Commercial bar design
  • Hospitality design and manufacturing
  • Domestic Kitchen Design

We supply restaurants, cafe, hotel, schools and hospitality premises with stainless steel supplies and offer a stainless steel manufacturing service for all you commercial kitchen fabrication requirements.

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